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A Programmer’s Struggle

April 15, 2008

I’m a man torn between two worlds: OS X and Windows. Sure, everyone says that they can play nice together, and for the most part they do. However, when it comes to the things that I want to do there is a distinct wall that I can’t seem to climb over. 

The problem: programming.

I really enjoy OS X. I like it’s feel, it’s simplicity, it’s soothing factor. Sure, maybe part of that soothing factor is not being Windows which I must struggle with all day at work, but it is soothing none-the-less.

The problem? I LOVE programming with C#. It is a great language to use, it’s simple, you might even say it has a soothing factor as well. 😉 So yeah, back to the problem: C# and OS X. How do I get those to work? Well, there is the mono project and for the most part, it is wonderful. It lets me compile my C# code, it lets me run a majority of my C# code, it’s great. Though, OS X is lacking two things: a good C# IDE and XNA.

There is an IDE called MonoDevelop, but like many of the C# programs designed for cross-platform, it is an eyesore. Remember, one of the reasons I like OS X because it’s puuuurrrrrty. So yeah, using apps like that are just a pain. Not to mention the fact that it just really doesn’t have a whole lot of features yet. I know, it’s open source and I can add features and blah blah blah.

Then the lack of XNA. XNA is a really awesome framework for developing games. Unfortunately though, the XNA project for mono isn’t really even off the ground.

So here I am, stuck between two worlds. It would be super nice if someone would add actual C# support into Xcode, not just some pretty colorizing. Then I could at least have part of my problem solved.

Oh well… maybe someday.

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