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New Car(s)!

May 21, 2008

So my wife and I finally decided to get new cars. I was driving around in a stylish 2002 Kia Rio and my wife had a 2001 Saturn SC1 Coupe. Since we have a kid on the way, we wanted to get new cars that included some of the more recent safety improvements and wanted to get safer cars in general. Another requirement was that the cars had to be all-wheel-drive (AWD).

Our adventure started at VW and Subaru. We drove the Passat around and it was an alright car, but my wife really had her eyes on the Lexus IS 250. None of the Subarus really stuck out to us so we didn’t test drive any of those.

So off to Lexus we went. It was pretty funny watching my wife because she LOVES the way that they look on the outside. She sat in it and I thought she was ready to buy the car right there and then. So we went on a test drive.

DISAPPOINTMENT is an understatement. In the AWD model of the IS 250, there is a bump for the AWD motor down by your feet so it kinda pushes your legs to the left. Unfortunately, the petals were not also shifted to the left to compensate, or at least it didn’t seem like they were. Also, the seats in the car we drove were really uncomfortable. Overall it was very disappointing.

The next stop was over to Barrier Volvo. We wanted to look at the S40, but the interior was weird and had this “thin console”; we didn’t like it at all. So we looked at the S60 which we thought was much nicer. We went out for a test drive in that car and I have to say that I was pretty surprised at how well it handled and performed.

We then had the Volvo sales woman (Sue) drop us off at the Barrier Audi place. I love the looks of the A4 and I wanted to see if they would hold up to my perception of them. BOY DID THEY! We took out the 3.2 quattro, six-speed. It was here and then that I knew the car that I wanted to purchase. My wife, on the other hand, didn’t like it as much though she did think it would be a great car for me. It was also here that we decided that we really wanted to get a manual transmission as we just like them too much.

After that we had Greg (the Audi salesman) drop us off back at the Barrier Volvo place and we walked across the street with Sue to the Barrier Mercedes dealership. We took a look at the C300 and took it out for a spin. We were completely unimpressed by the car.

Final stop was the BMW dealership (we had to drive ourselves there ;)). We looked around inside for a little before a salesman came up to us and asked us, “Have we been helped”. To which I answered, “No”. He seemed a little shocked and asked, “Do you want some?”. DUH! We told him we were interested in the 328 xi so he took us out and showed us the only one he had on the lot. It was jet black and looked pretty nice so we took it out for a spin. The car drove great! My wife had found the car for her. She really enjoyed the interior of the car, how it hugged it (it had the sports package with the sport seats), and just the general feel of the car.

The problem: the color. Ted (the BMW salesman) tried really hard to get us to buy the car off the lot but we weren’t going to spend that much money on a car and have it not be exactly what we want. We finally ended up ordering her one (in Sparkling Graphite Metallic) and it should be here by mid-end July.

I was also able to convince my wife that we should get the A4 now if they will give me exactly what I wanted for trade on my motorcycle and my Kia. After much deliberation, I convinced her (read she gave in ;)).

I went over to the Audi place on Sunday with her to do some negations. This was after they had already let me take the car home overnight on Saturday. πŸ™‚ I told them the deal, they’d need to make me a better offer for the trade-ins and we could do it.

After some battle back and forth between Greg going back to his sales manager Hamid and coming back out, Hamid just came out to negotiate. I was already getting a fantastic deal on the car ($19 over invoice) because of my Microsoft affiliation and I wanted a very specific deal on my trade-ins. Hamid wasn’t very happy with it and at one point he “left the table rapidly”. My wife and I both looked at each other and turned to Gred, “So is that it?” Gred kinda laughed and said, “Well, he isn’t cussing”. A few minutes later Hamid came out and said he’d do the deal. It was a good time. πŸ™‚

So I’m now driving around in my new black A4 3.2 quattro, 6-speed and we are awaiting the arrival of my wife’s BMW 328xi. The monthly payments are not going to be fun. πŸ˜‰

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