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TechEd 2008

June 13, 2008

This was my first year that I got to attend TechEd, and I have to say, it was pretty impressive. While I was down there mostly for gaining customer feedback on Cider (WPF Designer in Visual Studio), I was able to checkout many of the breakout sessions and attend some of the talks in the lounges. 

I attended mostly talks around WPF, and while many of the talks were good, for the most part there was nothing new for me. However, there were some talks by Billy Hollis (www.dotnetmasters.com) that were phenomenal. And some of the apps that he demoed were just gorgeous and really showed off WPF as a platform. If any public videos of the app surface I’ll try and post a link here, but they were fantastic.

I was surprised by the number of people that knew so little about WPF. Because of that, I’m going to creating some introduction to WPF videos and making them available through 3D Buzz (www.3dbuzz.com) if anyone is interested.

There were some good customer engagements we had at TechEd too, hopefully some of that feedback will be able to make it into our next version of Cider.

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