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MVC and Cross Platform Programming, pt 2

Ok… here’s the completion of the cross platform video tests, looks like the screen capture utility is working wonderfully. 

This VTM goes over designing a WPF window and loading the resulting XAML with C++/CLI. At the end, you have essentially a cross-platform program that can be built and run on both OS X and Vista using the same backing controller file.

Maybe I’ll throw together another demo of how to actually get that working, but no promises.

Here’s the vid:…


The video quality should be a tad better on this one. Let me know if you have any problems with the visibility.


MVC and Cross Platform Programming, pt 1

So I thought I’d do some tests of the new screen capturing software I have for my Mac and thought I’d do a topic that was somewhat interesting: basic cross platform development. 

Now before you get all excited, I don’t go into a lot a detail about anything other than showing you a way to hook up a view and controller to a backing C++ model. The good thing is that the same C++ model will be used on both OS X and Vista without any code changes so you’ll at least get to see how things are supposed to work like.

Anyhow, here’s a link to the first part which goes over creating the model for a temperature converter in Xcode and hooking up the controller and view for OS X. The next part will show the view and controller hook up in Vista using C++/CLI and WPF.

Video Part 1:…

Warning: the video resolution is quite high as it’s 75% of my screen resolution which makes them 1260×788. The quality is a little poor but should still be readable on this one; it will be better on the next part.