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January 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Well, I’ve finally come to the realization that I really don’t want to deal with the hassles of of maintaining my own blog software and dealing with the issues that come with web-hosting. And really, the only thing I do is blog, and honestly, I don’t do that too terribly often though I’d like to get myself into doing it regularly.

Anyhow, once my domain gets transfered to a registrar that isn’t going to charge me for managing DNS as well, I’ll get my old url ( pointing to here. Until then, sorry, you’ll have to know where to find me. =)

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December 24, 2008 Leave a comment

I hope everyone out there has a very wonderful Christmas!

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Batman is ‘W’?

August 11, 2008 2 comments

Wow… so I heard this on the radio this article by Andrew Klavan about how Batman is really George W. Bush.

I’ve read through the article, and overall, there are some correct assertions that he’s made. However, his application I felt was fundamentally flawed.

What the author seemed to miss, is that Batman is in fact an incorruptible figure where as Bush is not. Batman knows what is right and what is wrong, but even more importantly, he is NOT a government official that has sworn an oath to protect not only the people of the United States, but also the virtues by which it stands, including the Constitution which at its foremost, is intended to protect the rights of the people against the government.

Andrew claims that the legislation that is being passed is somehow ‘temporary’ and that the violations of rights that those laws allow will be removed, much like the sonar system that Batman constructed. Except… Batman gave control of the system to another man, who also acknowledged the unethical nature of the device and stated that is should be destroyed. He even said that he’d never work at Wayne Enterprises (i.e. ever help Batman) as long as the device exists. And of course, shortly, Bush will be leaving office and pass on the legislation he helped passed, not remove it.

Here within we find a truth of part of the author’s point. Do we let a madman (Joker) run amok and destroy the city or do we suspend the people’s rights (albeit, they have no idea) to help bring him down? But here is where I think the author is fundamentally flawed in his analogy. Again, we are talking about a non-government agent acting outside the laws to bring in a terrorist, not about the government acting outside the laws to bring in a terrorist. I do agree there is a need for this type of activity in our world, but I do not believe that it should be our government.

Also, the author fails to point out the necessity for Batman to run. Batman must run for two reason: 1) is to ensure that Joker’s corruption of Dent does not destroy Gotham, and also 2) he understands that what he fights for is right, but that if everyone were to act as he, there would be complete anarchy. Batman himself talks down about the copycats (the others acting like Batman). He fully understands that Batman is a necessity ONLY when corruption is rampant in the streets and in the government. What the author forgets is that Batman is not only fighting against the criminals of Gotham, but also the system that has protected the criminals for so long.

Edit: One more thing… if Bush is really like Batman, is he going to let us chase him? :p

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Comment Notification, FINALLY!

Alright, so I finally had some time to investigate what the flying flip was up with my comment notification. It seems that my oh-so-capable web host disables the mail() function in PHP – great…

After spending some time looking for solutions to the problem, I stumbled on this gem of a plugin: It essentially changes the way that wp_mail() works by using an SMTP server instead of relying on the web host to have its act together.

So for all those that have commented and I’ve been slow to delay, hopefully this will help me out. Also, I added a plugin to allow you to subscribe to comments as well so you’ll know when I respond.


EDIT: It turns out this one is even better and supports Gmail accounts!

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Natural Rights?

A long time friend of mine (who’s getting married soon!!! woohoo!!) and I got into a little discussion about rights and if they could be intrinsic or not. We have a little public discussion about an article he found during his googling for information about our previous discussion (around civil liberties and gun rights). You can find it over at if you’re interested in checking it out.

This was one of the great things about my friend and I. We have such differing opinions on various topics, primarily because our fundamental belief systems are different, yet we get along extremely well and we’ve been great friends for MANY years. Anyhow, the point was that I miss getting to have these conversations with him so I’m glad that we got to have this one. =)

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Rights as People

Continually I’m shocked and amazed by our politicians and other political ‘leaders’ that continue to trounce upon our rights as individuals that have been layed out and protected by the constitution in order to help ensure that government does not in fact trounce over them. Yet, with the complacency of the American people at rampant levels we see our rights being infriged upon and do little about it. Instead we let corporations and politicians decide what the laws should be irregardless of what they ultimately mean for us as a society. Why do we do that?

Taking a look at the frailty of the 5-4 Supreme Court ruling in the Heller case, it’s astonishing to see what so many groups are claiming, such as handgun violence will be increased now. Even at the worst case scenario, is somehow living in a world that restricts our rights in order to be traded for the guise of security a worthy and noble asperation? I would think not. 

Those that oppose gun ownership usually do so out of ignorance. They falsely believe that only criminals have guns, that there are simply no need for guns in a ‘civilized’ society, or that those that carry do so to elevate themselves somehow. I find it somewhat ironic how a criminal, who by definition disregards the laws to serve his or her own purpose, will somehow magically be bound to gun laws as if those laws are somehow superior to the laws they are breaking.

The people of America are letting corporations and politicians run this country. It’s been happening since our inception. What would the government do if we, the people, for which the government is supposed to be subserviant, simply refused to comply with the laws that so obviously intrude upon our rights protected by the constitution? What would we be met with, I guarantee you we’d be met with ‘the full power of the law’; prosecuted for excersing our rights as individuals.

Now surely there is a place and a need for government, but that government should never be an oppressive force. How different are we really from the governments that came before us? And more importantly, where will be headed in the future? Will more and more Americans start standing up for their rights to fight laws that are purely unconstitutional? Will Americans stand up for rights that restrict their civil liberties? I think, in the coming years, Americans will either shape themselves as servants to the government or will start to try and shape the government to be subserviant to the people; that is to say, the middle ground of complacency will not be available any more: conform or reform.

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Back from Vacation

Well, I just got back from vacation. My wife and I headed over to Cannon Beach in Oregon. We had a pretty good time and stayed at an excellent hotel: the Surfsand. The hotel was situated greatly as it was only about a ten minute walk into “town” and it was right on the beach.

We also moseyed over to Seaside for an afternoon. That was a fun place to walk around too. This was MUCH better than when we went to Ocean Shores a while back. We were a little worried that this was going to be type of vacation.

To finish off our trip we stopped at Fort Stevens to camp for a night with my wife’s parents and younger brother. That was pretty good camp and the old bunkers and cannons were pretty cool to look at.

Alright, now that I’m back, I guess I can get back to working on my programs and videos. 😉


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